Don’t be mad at Benedict, be mad at the media.

Media can twist and turn every word and make it into something of their own, so please don’t be so upset.
It’s understandable if Benedict finds fanfictions and fanart uncomfortable, how would you feel if someone would draw or write about you in a…



HCF position on set photos: Out of respect to Neal Street Productions and BBC Two, we are going to be very selective about the fan photos we share from filming of The Hollow Crown 2, particularly when we don’t know the source. When we know it’s an open set that is open to the media and fans, we…



A wonderful Russian-Morocco-British story) (2010)

PS (from comments)

Dear Konstantine,

Thank you for your lovely email. It is raining a lot here in London too! As for not knowing who i am… There is nothing to apologise for! I am flattered that some of your colleges do and being an actor Moscow and Russian arts and artists hold a huge place in my heart and it is one of my strongest wishes to be able one day to travel there and visit or ideally work both in Moscow and St Petesburg. I hope you and your family and girlfriend are well and now it is my turn to be embarrassed as I can’t remember her name but thank her for the photos. They make me laugh and will stop me romanticising the experience of learning to kite surf! It was lovely to meet you and I’ll try and dip into Facebook now and then but especially to confirm you as a friend. Many thanks buddy, yours Benedict x

mostly-benedict asked:

Hey, a blog called little-purpose sent this message to The Benedict Network and I thought I'd pass it on to the members: I'm sorry to be a pain but could you please possibly give my post (little-purpose(.)tumblr(.)com/post/93218667117) titled 'A Study in Johnlock' a look and give me your point of view on it? I'm keen to get people's opinions on the situation and I would be grateful if you could give it a read - thank you!

I am really sorry, I saw this ask only now since I did not receive any notification … I guess it’s too late!


He had a unique and driven and asymmetrical personality – he was very high-functioning, he had great empathy levels and was especially caring and had a great affinity with children. He had this unfettered ability to communicate with people and not feel that he was constrained by the usual platitudes, the status quo interaction demanded of a man who was so focused and slightly shy. He was seen as an odd fish, “an odd duck” as his mum called it. He was so capable, so fast-thinking, and so healthy. He was a very physical man – he ran marathons to near-Olympic standard and competed in cross-country events. He would run from his house in Wilmslow to work at Manchester University, a 20 kilometer round trip. I talked to people who had known him during his Manchester days and they all said how extraordinarily kind he was, polite and diffident. He didn’t often make direct eye contact, but when he did, you felt bathed in a very humane, intrigued, witty and rather lovely personality. He was very focused and often deemed to be in his own world, in his own line of thinking, in his own thought pattern and he would do some very eccentric things, but he was very open about them. He was a remarkable human being, a very kind soul, a very benign, slightly gauche, but a very doggedly determined, single-minded human being of extraordinary talent and ability. The tragedy of his life is not only that it ended so early, but that he was persecuted in a time of intolerance for his sexuality — Benedict Cumberbatch on Alan Turing. (x)